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Cross phase writing research project

Rationale: The Advanced Learning Teaching School Alliance and The Wroxham Transformative Learning Alliance have identified the following area of focus: How can we improve writing in students working at lower levels across Key stages 2 and 3? Current research (Myhill, 2013, OECD literacy league tables, 2013) suggests the need to develop students’ vocabulary (including the metalanguage associated with the teaching of grammar) and to develop teachers’ confidence in the teaching of grammar. Additionally, there is an emerging concern in the Alliances regarding the changes at KS2 including the introduction of the grammar test in Yr6 might lead to a loss of creativity, independence and progress. We also recognise the unique opportunity research provides to improve the transition between the primary and secondary phases in how writing is taught and developed in English, and more broadly across the curriculum.

Writing Research Project Team:

Jane Andrews (Herts County Council Teaching & Learning Advisor) Barbara Lazarus (Yavneh College) Katie Kennedy (Dame Alice Owen’s School) Steve Davey (The Wroxham School) Alice Fisher (Dame Alice Owen’s School) Rose Everett (Dame Alice Owens School) Vicky Horn (Mount Grace School) Jonathan Robinson (Dame Alice Owens School)