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Teacher Led Development Work

The TLDW course is an action research project where teachers meet in a group throughout the year to collaborate and further develop their project. TLDW stands for Teacher Led Development Work and upon successful completion the teacher receives a certificate in post-graduate study. This TLDW course is run through HertsCam which was formed as combination of the University of Hertfordshire and Cambridge University.  Throughout the year teachers meet for six twilight sessions and attend inspiring network events at schools throughout Hertfordshire.  These provide an excellent opportunity to share good practice with staff in other schools and to gain ideas.  The Annual Conference is held at Cambridge Univeristy.  The TLDW certificate in post-graduate study gives the succesful teacher credits which can be used as part of a Masters in Education.  The Potters Bar TLDW group is run at Dame Alice Owen's School and also has teachers involved from Mount Grace School and Yavneh College. 

These links could be of interest:

The following research projects have been completed. If you would like a copy please contact Linda Linwood


Title of Research Project Institution
Developing strategies to heighten pupils’ awareness of Geography in the news Dame Alice Owens School
Building on competencies developed in literacy at KS2 to introduce a greater range of tasks and independence in KS3 RE Dame Alice Owens School
Developing strategies to promote reading Dame Alice Owens School
Developing strategies for Teaching Assistants to use rewards and praise to encourage effort and enjoyment in class. Dame Alice Owens School
Strategies to develop the answering of longer, written, questions in KS4 and KS5 Physics Dame Alice Owens School
Increasing interest and motivation in MFL using film Dame Alice Owens School
Developing strategies to improve literacy in history Dame Alice Owens School
Developing a strategy to embed a new approach to the school ethos Dame Alice Owens School
Use of ICT as a tool for differentiation in Maths Dame Alice Owen’s School
Developing strategies to promote stretch and challenge in Geography Mount Grace School
Developing strategies for improving the attainment in low ability students in Mathematics Mount Grace School
Using Lesson Study to aid the assessment of Primary Science Wroxham Primary School
Differentiated Learning - Helping all students to achieve their potential Dame Alice Owen’s School
Developing differentiation strategies in order to promote active learning and engagement in Science Mount Grace School
Increasing student engagement by reducing teacher input Dame Alice Owen’s School
Developing motivation in the classroom through the use of academic choice Dame Alice Owen’s School